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Organization - contact information, office hours, responsible persons, statistic dataua
--HM chair Biography History - the past examination, famous mans, genealogical tree, register of all, that worked on chair, photoalbum
----Chair Peoples Personnelua - chair collective, photoalbumua, personal pagesua
------Educational preparation on HM chair Teachingua - bachelorsua and mastersua preparation, plan of educational process on 2000-2001, educational programsua, graduate schoolua, projectsua
--------Our mathematical and physical researches Scienceua - scientific researches on chair of higher mathematics: eventsua, historic momentsua, actual scientific searchesua (directionsua, last resultsua, DB-themesua,contacts and collaborationua), science groups by directionsua, bibliographyua (publications 2003, previous editionsua)
----------Perfection of educational process Methodicalua - methodical seminars, teaching work, suggestions/remark
------------Start Internet-links Resourcesua - resources examination of Internet: searchua (for phrase, on catalogue, peoples search), periodicalua (physical and mathematical magazines, newspapers, deliveries, newses,...), librariesua (electronic, access to usual, abstracts), free possibilities in Internetua (post office boxes, hosting, earnings, ...), softwareua, collaboration and intercourseua, organizationsua, countries-townsua, ... and all about Internetua
------------------Electronic libraryua - publications and bibliography: booksua, methodicalsua, lectures synopsesua, tasks collectionsua, educational manualsua
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