in Ukrainian

Petrov Petro Petrovych

Place of work:
     Laboratory of Low Dimensional Systems of Solid State Structure of National State University "Lvivska Polytechnica"

Main research directions

- Theory of narrow-gap semiconductors;
- Theory of semimagnetic semiconductors;
- Theory of low dimensional electron systems: quantum wells, dots, channels, superlatives (on the base of narrow-gap semiconductors);
- Energy spectrum and transport phenomena in disordered narrow-gap se-mi-con-duc-tors;
- Technological investigation in direction of MBE-technology for devices and structures on the base of narrow-gap semiconductors (previous used in civil and military goals).


- Mathematical models for description of electronic transport in low dimensional electronic systems
- The developed mathematical models are appointed for theoretical and technical use on stage of projection of electronic devices on base of semiconductor structures with low dimensional electronic gas.
- The researches results recommend for use at scientific establishments, enterprises of electronic industry and higher educational establishments of suitable profile.


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