Serhij Dubyk
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Scientific activity and publications:

- studentships - Lviv State University by Ivan Franko - Physical Faculty
Chair Theoretical Physics
1 . . .

1995-1997: research in theory supersymmetry (SUSY) under guidance V.M.Tkachuk1

diploma work "Supersymmetric quantum mechanics with many liberty degrees", 1997, Lviv, 36 p. ®

- probation period and graduate school - Lviv National University "Lvivska Politekhnika"2
- Faculty of Applied Mathematics -
Chair Higher.Mathematics
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1998-till now(2001): the scientific searches in domain of magnetic liquids are excitations diffusions, correlation, dynamic properties...

I.M.Mryglod3, M.V.Tokarchuk3, Yu.K.Rudavskii2

3Institute Condensed Matter of Physics (ICMP)
- department of nonequillibrium processess (NEP)

Publication results:

I.Mryglod, R. Folk, Yu. Rudavskii, S.Dubyk, "Hydrodynamic time correlation functions of a Heisenberg moidel ferrofluid", workshop on Condensed Matter Physics, INTAS, 1998, May 21-24, L'viv, p. 50.

I.Mryglod, R. Folk, Yu. Rudavskii, S. Dubyk,
Satistical hydrodynamics of a Hisenberg model ferrofluid, Eighth international conference on magnetic fluids", ICMF 8, June 29-July 3, 1998, Timisoara, Romania, pp. 98-99.

Mryglod I., Folk R., Rudavskii Yu., Dubyk S.,
Dynamic structure factors of a Heisenberg model ferofluid", Cond. Matt. Phys. 1998. V. 2, No 2(18), p. 221-226.

I.M.Mriglod, Yu.Rudavskii, S.Dubyk, M.Tokarchuk,
"To statistic hydrodynamics of heisenberg model ferrodluid"
, preprint ICMP-98-31U, 1998, L'viv, 20 p.
[in ukrainian]

I.Mryglod, R.Folk, S.Dubyk, Yu.Rudavskii, "Hydrodynamic time correlation functions of a Heisenberg model ferrofluid", Physica A, 2000, V. 277, No 3-4, p.389-404.

I.Mriglod, Yu.Rudavskii, S.Dubyk, M.Tokarchuk,
"Mechanism of formating spin-wave-like excitations in a magnetic liquid
", J. Phys. Stud., No 3, 2000.
[in ukrainian]

S.Dubyk, Yu. Rudavskii, I.Mryglod, M.Tokarchuk,
"Time correlation functions of heisenberg model ferrodluid",
proceeding of 2nd international Smakula symposium "Fundamental and applied problems of modern physics",
6-10 September 2000, Ternopil', pp.41-42
[in ukrainian]

S.Dubyk and Yu. Rudavskii, "Dynamic properties of a Heisenberg model ferrofluid in an external magnetic field", book of abstracts of workshop "Modern problems of Soft Matter theory", 27-31 Aug. 2000, Lviv.

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